Introduction to Maharishi Vedic Architecture

Introduction to Maharishi Vedic Architecture

With Jon Lipman, AIA
Time for completion: 14 hours
Optional Continuing Education Credit: 1 CEU


If you have questions for Jon Lipman, please email them to Or you can ask them in the chat during the webinars. We will forward all emails to Susan Lauer who will ask them during the webinars.


The official Maharishi Vastu Website includes resources such as how to get started building your Maharishi Vastu home.

Check Out the Official Maharishi Vastu Website

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Zoom Webinars

Please join us for Q&A sessions on Zoom. (For those unable to attend, these sessions will be recorded and posted below.)

  • Sunday, March 28 starting 1:00 pm US Central Time
  • Sunday, April 25 starting 1:00 pm US Central Time
  • Sunday, May 30 starting 1:00 pm US Central Time
  • Sunday, June 27 starting 1:00 pm US Central Time
  • Sunday, July 25 starting 1:00 pm US Central Time

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We will open the Zoom meeting room 1/2 hour before each session begins to give everyone time to connect.

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Optional Continuing Education Credit

If you would like a Certificate of Completion and 1 unit of official Continuing Education Credit (CEU): Please do the following:

  • If you have not already done so, please sign up here. There is a $35 processing fee.
  • View all of the lessons.
  • Complete all of the quizzes.
  • Hand in the final assignment, which is a 2- or 3-page paper describing in detail three major points which you learned from this course.

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Course Videos

Lesson One: Five Ways Maharishi Vastu Design Creates Harmonious Homes (54 min.)

Feel free to enjoy the quizzes, even if you are not taking this course for official CE credit.

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Lesson Two: Why East is Important (58 min.)

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Lesson Three: Dr. Eike Hartmann Interview (1 hr. 7 min.)

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A Tour of Maharishi Vastu Homes Around the World (1 hr. 7 min.)

Lesson Four: How To Find an Ideal Site for Your Maharishi Vastu Home (49 min.)

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Lesson Five: Unique Features of Maharishi Vastu (51 min.)

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Lesson Six: Maharishi Vastu Architecture in Contrast to Feng Shui (46 min.)

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Homeowners Share their Experience of Living in a Maharishi Vastu Home (56 min.)

Lesson Seven: The Special Role Solar Energy Plays in a Maharishi Vastu Home (44 min.)

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Lesson Eight: Vedic City Planning (59 min.)

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Lesson Nine: Maharishi Vastu on Natural and Non-Toxic Materials (56 min.)

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Living in a Maharishi Vastu Community – Personal Experiences (44 min.)

Lesson Ten: Can Maharishi Vastu Create a Wellness Home? (18 min.)

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Lesson Eleven: Architecture of Nature: Symmetry and Beauty in Maharishi Vastu Homes (53 min.)

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Exploring the Latest Maharishi Vastu Projects Worldwide (56 min.)

Question and Answer Webinar from March 28, 2021 (1:08)

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