Total Knowledge and Higher States of Consciousness Free Lesson One

Total Knowledge and Higher States of Consciousness Free Lesson One

Lesson One

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Five stars  “An amazing example of experiential learning that took me to places I had no way of anticipating.” — LW  More reviews >

This course consists of twelve 90-minute videos which were originally recorded live on Zoom and are now available to view online at your convenience for at least one year after signing up. Learn more about Part Two! >    Learn more about Part Three! >    Learn more about Part Four! >

Course Leader: Peter Warburton, PhD

Course Fee: $75 (Special course fee for this coronavirus time.)

Prerequisites: Newly-designed course suitable for all Meditators, as well as Sidhas and TM® Teachers/Governors.

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Course Description

This 12-lesson Total Knowledge course presents a wonderful opportunity to explore Maharishi’s knowledge deeply with Dr. Peter Warburton. This special online course includes deep insights into Maharishi’s Total Knowledge and the development of higher states of consciousness. It features a selection of Maharishi’s talks, as well as discussion, exercises, and engaging personal stories of life with Maharishi to illustrate the knowledge for everyone.

Course Leader

Peter Warburton, PhD
Dr. Warburton worked closely with Maharishi, Founder of Transcendental Meditation, for 36 years. Maharishi personally trained Dr. Warburton to offer these unique Total Knowledge courses, which present the full range of Maharishi’s knowledge in a delightful manner that requires no special prerequisite other than practicing Transcendental Meditation.

Dr. Warburton travels extensively to teach Maharishi’s Total Knowledge in many parts of the globe. These courses are in great demand internationally – from Australia to Asia, to Europe, to North America.


(83- Five Stars; 13 – Four Stars; 5 – Three Stars; 0 – Two Stars; 0 – One Star)

Five stars  “Enlightening!” —Alice Nicholson

Five stars  “A profoundly enjoyable experience for me. Raja Peter’s anecdotal stories about Maharishi are such a delight. Peter’s knowledge and understanding bring such depth to the subject and are a constant encouragement to me to continue to delve into the unknown, to sojourn with the uncomfortableness of the unclear, and yet to constantly remind me of the creative power of the void and the unmanifest.

“I truly look forward to this continuing lifelong awakening in Part Two.
Thank you for all that you do to keep MIU’s Continuing Education the viable and valuable source of wisdom that it is.”
—Maggie Dorsey

Five stars  “Amazing knowledge, exciting, especially to me. And if you are interested in the science and experience of higher consciousness, this would be a class you would like.” —Joy Day

Five stars  “It builds coherence as it discusses the Source underlying all that is. It’s a beautiful integrative approach, with an extraordinary guide in Peter.” —Ronald White

Five stars  “To advanced Meditators, Sidhas, and Governors, I’d say: the Total Knowledge Course is, indeed, that – Maharishi’s gift of Total Knowledge, all his knowledge, for us, and structured such that we can grow in consciousness, evolution, just from taking the course.” —Mary Webster

Five stars  This course has brought to light what it really means to have knowledge and wisdom, accessible through the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature. —Alan Eduardo Cruz Ruiz

Five stars  Beautiful combination of experience and understanding. —David Ponder

Five stars  “An extraordinary course. Joyful, profound and exhilarating at the same time. The learning is beautifully structured, the theories are decorated with wonderful anecdotes. Uplifting, inspiring, and energizing. Peter’s sharing of his time with Maharishi is the icing on the cake. Many thanks to you all.” —Peter Kerridge

Five stars  “This is an enjoyable and engaging way to experience the growth of higher states of consciousness through the study of them.” —Jim Davis

Five stars  “If the course calls you, SIGN UP!” —Peter Lee

Five stars  “You should join the course: awesome knowledge and great stories and insight about being with Maharishi.” —Gary McCarty

Five stars  “Maharishi spent the last four years of his life relating all his knowledge, with the intention that this knowledge be shared.” —Susan Bukacek

Five stars  “This is a wonderful course explaining the basics of TM and going far beyond what I had learned either in my instruction or in my readings. I highly recommend it, and please stick with it, because the best is in the last half of the course.” —Cary Cox

Five stars  “Absolutely an amazing course. Peter’s teaching style is brilliant, gentile, and enlightening.” —Gordon Morris

Five stars  “That there is such an organized nature to Nature and our life, and the specificity with which Maharishi details it, is not just extraordinary, but inspiring and comforting at the same time.” —Carole Capriotti-May

Five stars  “I loved the course and have been a Meditator for 47 years. In the past, I went on a lot of residence courses, but eventually a job and marriage took priority and my meditation became irregular. But I always knew how beneficial it was and would be again. Since retiring I have started meditating very regularly again, and look forward to taking more classes online and hopefully in person soon. I feel so much better about everything when I meditate.” —Cindy Brown

Five stars  “Dr. Warburton said that this course is not just for learning *about* seven states of consciousness, but rather it is for *developing* higher states. (I paraphrase) I do feel that this is an accurate description of how the course works.” —Anne Martha Melfi

Five stars  “If you take this course, you will know more about EVERYTHING there is to know, all disciplines, because you will be in full possession of the KNOWER, which is your Self.” —Frederick P Blume Jr.

Five stars  “I found this course inspiring and a wonderful thing to listen to amidst the reality of the what is going on in the physical world.” —Lisa Malik

Five stars  “I have found my tribe… those who are interested in and speak to those things that interest me and fill me with a wonderful sense of expansion and purpose.” —Ginny (Virginia) McMillen

Five stars  “Meeting God.” —Nina Rodd

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